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Make and publish yourself interactive maps online

    The service is free of charge, and fully customized. To publish maps yourself we offer two options: one does not require a private server, only an account on an online file storage service such as GitHub, BitBucket or others, another one requires a private server configured with a Web Map Service (WMS). The platform offers a set of customizable ready-to-use tools called elements. These elements allows various interactions, such as inspect values, apply map algebra, create interactive charts. Our map platform can integrate multiple data sources, such as CSR Database, other online databases, and user maps.

   Create layouts in the editor mode, an interactive and easy-to-use interface that allows full control of customizations by: choosing maps, using map interactive elements, getting user inputs, creating interactive charts, defining a map algebra expression, and creating your own tools. The maps can be easily embedded in websites, or shared via url.

   There is a complete solution for online map publishing designed for any users, from beginners to advanced ones that want to perform map algebra using online data. There are fully documented elements with examples, and a tutorial to teach how to publish yourself interactive online maps online develop and share a map platform. All examples were developed using Mappia tools. This portfolio is freely accessible and editable. No need to install any software, try it online now.


Display maps on the web yourself using Mappia platform