The Product is licensed As-Is basis, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, for personal, academic, research and commercial purpose, since not in conflict with the interests of CSR/UFMG. The license will be automatically canceled if the software use conflicts with CSR/UFMG interests.


Just add the iframe with link into any site.

<iframe id="11287" src="//maps.csr.ufmg.br/calculator/?lang=eng&map=&queryid=19&visiblelayers=custom" width="100%" height="600"></iframe>


  • Can I use CSR data in my commercial project?

    R: Yes.

  • Do I have to send my data to Mappia server?

    R: No data is sent to Mappia, we just access the data available.

  • What is the platform processing usage limit?

    R: None, all post-processing is done on the user’s browser and the pre-processing during the map publication.

  • There is a tutorial to learn how to customize my platform?

    R: We have multiple usage examples, the simplest way is by duplicating and editing one of our projects to customize it for your own data.